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    The Geriatric (Older) Dog

    Dogs mature and age at much different rates, usually according to size and breed. It is commonly held that dogs live 7 years for...

    The Boston Terrier: A Very Self Sufficient Dog and a Great Family Pet

    The Boston Terrier has been nicknamed the American Gentleman because of its wonderful, gentle disposition and its tuxedo like coat. One of the few...

    How Do Dogs Communicate With Each Other?

    Dogs are among the most popular pets in America. But while humans have long been fascinated by them, dogs themselves don't always seem that...

    Why Do People Like Dogs?

    When you think of pets that are good companions, who comes to mind? Maybe your family pet maybe not. If you're an adult male,...

    The Scoop On Cleaning Up After Dogs

    According to a recent survey by Merial Limited, when it comes to scooping the poop, many Americans feel their pet-owning neighbors deserve to be...

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