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    How Do You Convince a Dog You Love Him?

    We all know dogs aren’t exactly known for their verbal communication skills. They’re not really too good at understanding us when we speak in full sentences or use complex grammar. That’s why it’s so hard to tell what kind of emotions and thoughts run through their heads when you look into their eyes.

    But one thing is clear they need us more than we need them. We spend more time with them, feed them and play with them. And most importantly, we give them unconditional love. Without that love from humans, dogs wouldn’t have as much motivation to survive.

    So how does that affect the relationship between man and his canine friend? Well, if you’ve ever seen the movie “Marley & Me,” you’ll understand just how strong that bond truly is. In this film, the main character realizes her pets (two cats and a rabbit) don’t quite measure up to the people who raised her. She decides to move across country and leave them behind.

    The cat and rabbit seem fine with it, but Marley soon figures out she hasn’t left her beloved mutt behind after all. He was heartbroken by the separation and even went through some depression because he didn’t get to go along. After realizing what had happened, Marley vowed never to leave Fido again, and the rest is history.

    It seems like every day we hear stories about animals being abused or neglected. It makes sense that people would feel very protective of their own pets. So how do you let your pet know you care? What happens when you try to buy a new puppy online and find out the breeder doesn’t treat the animals well? Or maybe you live in a neighborhood where everyone has pets, including children. How do you make sure you won’t end up turning everyone against you because you’re such a nice person? This article will help you answer those questions.

    Why Dogs Love Us Back?

    There’s no doubt about it dogs are great companions. They’re loyal, loving and often funny creatures. But there’s also no denying that they can be rather demanding. As the owner of a dog, you should always put yourself in your pet’s shoes before giving any orders. If you want to become close with your pooch, you’ll need to learn to communicate effectively.

    When you first bring home your new pup, it’s important to establish rules for the two of you together. One of these rules might include taking walks around the block. During this walk, you could talk to your dog about anything — favorite movies, books, music or whatever else comes to mind. Just remember to keep the conversation lighthearted and fun. By doing this, you’ll both enjoy spending quality time together.

    Next, set aside specific times each week to take your dog to the park. When you’re there, you can share your feelings with your pet. Tell him how happy you are that he came home, or that you’re glad he’s healthy and safe. Be careful not to say things like “I wish you were my dog.” These types of comments may cause problems later on. Instead, focus on the positive aspects of having a dog in your life.

    Another way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog is to participate in activities together. Take your dog to the local dog park during off-hours. At the park, you can play fetch (with a tennis ball), chase balls or other forms of interaction.

    Make sure you pick up after your dog, however. Not only will this serve as another way to connect with your pet, but it will also encourage others to clean up after their dogs. Eventually, your neighbors will start recognizing you as the friendly face at the park.

    You should also consider getting involved with your community’s animal shelter or humane society. Volunteering here gives you a chance to meet lots of different pups and see firsthand how they respond to you. You can then begin to develop friendships with them. Many shelters and humane societies allow volunteers to adopt pets from their facilities. Donating money or clothing to support these organizations helps ensure that they’ll continue operating.

    One last tip on convincing your dog you care involves helping your pet socialize properly. Socializing means exposing your dog to new situations and people. It allows him to interact comfortably with strangers and other animals. Unfortunately, many owners fail to socialize their pets adequately.

    A common mistake is leaving your pet alone in the house while you attend work functions. Some families choose to leave their dogs inside while they party at night. While this sounds reasonable, it prevents your pet from meeting other dogs or interacting with strange people. Also, don’t leave your pet alone in cars. It’s possible that the temperature inside a vehicle gets hot enough to injure or kill your pet.

    If you’re going to leave your pet alone in public places like restaurants, shopping malls, parks or playgrounds, follow these tips carefully. First, you should teach your pet basic obedience commands. Then, you should provide your pet with familiar items, such as treats and toys, to prevent him from becoming scared or agitated. Finally, stay with your pet until he becomes accustomed to the situation. Never leave him unattended.

    Once your dog has been properly introduced to various environments, you should next decide whether you want to enroll him in agility classes, flyball training or similar programs. Agility classes are designed to prepare your dog for competitions. Flyball courses train dogs to race alongside their handlers. Both of these options require dedication and commitment, especially considering the amount of practice needed to master them. However, your dog will appreciate the opportunity to exercise his natural instincts and improve his confidence level.

    Tips on Convincing Your Dog You Care

    As you probably already know, dogs are known for being stubborn creatures. Most of the time, they refuse to acknowledge attempts at winning their favor. They’re easily offended and tend to think highly of themselves. To avoid ending up with a bad reputation among your neighbors, you must keep in mind that you’re not trying to compete with your dog. Rather, you simply want your pet to accept you as its leader and companion.

    Most experts recommend keeping your interactions with your pet low key. Remember, you’re establishing a friendship, not a competition. You shouldn’t force your dog to perform tricks, sit downs, jumping games or any other type of physical contest. Your goal is to earn your pet’s trust and respect. Once this happens, your dog will view you as a friend instead of someone to dominate.

    Before you even approach your neighbor’s pet, you should figure out how big it is. If you’re unfamiliar with the breed, ask the owner if you can observe the animal at least once. You should also determine whether your pet is aggressive toward members of other species. For example, if you have a German shepherd, you should check with the owner to verify that your dog isn’t afraid of rabbits. There’s nothing worse than approaching a stranger’s pet and feeling intimidated by it.

    Your dog needs to feel comfortable with you before you introduce yourselves to anyone else. Although you can certainly visit family members with your pet, it’s best to wait until your dog feels totally secure with you. Otherwise, he may grow nervous around new people.

    Next, make sure your pet knows which household members are allowed to greet the visitor. Only certain people should be allowed to offer food or water to your dog. People can also touch your pet, but only under strict supervision. If you’re uncertain about the proper etiquette, consult your vet or other responsible adult member of your household.

    After gaining your pet’s trust, you can now introduce yourself. Try shaking hands with your dog and saying something simple, like “hello” or “howdy.” Don’t attempt to hug or kiss your pet. Even though you might feel tempted to do so, refrain from kissing or hugging your pet. Such displays of affection may embarrass your dog. Instead, make small talk with the other person, focusing mostly on your pet. Give your pet a few seconds to calm down and relax before returning to your side. Again, don’t leave your pet unattended.

    Although you might believe your dog loves you unconditionally, you still need to brush its teeth, feed and exercise it regularly. If you neglect your pet, it could become sick, lose weight or become injured. Proper health plays an essential role in building a lasting friendship with your pet.

    The Bottom Line

    Keep in mind that you and your pet are separate entities. You’re not trying to prove that you’re better than your pet. You simply want to establish a long-lasting connection that benefits both of you. Now that you know how, your next step is to convince your pet you care!

    A word to the wise: Before approaching a stray dog, make sure you know its background. If you encounter a potentially dangerous animal, don’t be afraid to call the police or animal control agency. Stray animals are usually harmless unless provoked. But if you see a dog harming someone, you should report it immediately.

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